Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Councilor Economou: questions

question about Flagg Street losing positions for next year
enrollment by class: Flagg is one of a handful that has lost enrollment over the past several years
Boone: warranted reduction of positions
large increase in enrollment across the city
"know that it is challenging as we become attached to the people in our schools"
Allen: about the same number of elementary teachers next year systemwide
reallocation of positions within the system
"that's where we'll be come September, absent new funding sources" (in terms of where teachers are)
Boone: elimination of federal grants
"conscious decision not to cut classroom teachers"
Economou asks to have position at Flagg reconsidered
SAIL at Nelson Place: this is a program that serves those with autism
what is happening there?
students "aging up" within the program: students staying at the same school through elementary school
Economou: how many more kids coming in?
"school is already bursting at the seams..."
Boone: will provide information, ongoing training and professional development
"building capacity to serve our own needs"
Economou: "appreciate the savings, but not at the cost of the safety" of the children and the staff

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