Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Councilor Toomey: questions

waiting for state budget
Allen: intent of foundation budget was to increase state funding for schools, and so we've seen
"as goes the state budget, so goes our budget"
our budget won't be final until the state budget passes in July
Yes, but the state tends to actually fund MOST of their requirements fully
How many students at Spirit of Knowledge?
156 students...we would welcome them back if the school closed
Allen: we've been seeing enrollment increases larger than that the past several years, so it closing would not be an issue
Toomey: technology ...are we working with colleges for support on technology
Boone cites Blue Ribbon Panel
a capacity issue
systems vulnerable due to loss of support for Windows XP
working to make it most efficient
Allen: state used to capture numbers of computers; leasing computers starting next year
funding at a half year implementation...would cost $1.2M for a full year
class sizes at 22.1 on average: no classes that are greater than 30, so long as Chandler Elementary finds rental space
Boone runs through the class sizes
do charter schools have access to Medicaid funds?  if charter schools provide services, they could collect reimbursement, AND THEY COULD KEEP IT
Toomey wants a report
34 net increase of positions
Allen: sequestration eliminating 32 tutors
Boone: well rounded education: realignment..." having a school system that is not just bare bones...but is attractive to choose"
Toomey wants to know if other schools could be open later, as Worcester Tech was for robotics (most of the secondary schools are open into the afternoon...)
Toomey wants to expand after schools programs

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