Wednesday, May 1, 2013

update on Nelson Place and MSBA projects

Allen: invited into feasibility phase of project for Nelson Place
between now and May 2014
March 2014 through mid 2014 doing schematic designs
May 2014 to August 2014 is when they fund the project
June 2014-March 2015 design and planning
construction until January 2017, anticipated opening

MSBA submissions for this year
remaining three comprehensive high schools for renovation or repair
MSBA forces you to name a priority school
MSBA did a needs assessment: South graded the worst by MSBA; "to show MSBA that we're serious about their assessment"
"our intention is to the three schools as a joint package"
four schools for accelerated repair for this coming year

  • Worcester East Middle: Windows, Boiler, & Roof note here that WEMS is down to one boiler; if (and when) it fails,they're done
  • Columbus Park School: Windows & Boiler
  • Tatnuck Magnet School: Windows
  • Worcester Arts Magnet: Windows
Waiting to hear from MSBA to hear what are the next steps are
Novick: will there be any additional work done by facilities when schools are worked on during these buildings?
No, as there will be abatement being done in the buildings at the same time
some interest by MSBA in visit to district again (officially)
Rivera: what about University Park Campus?
NEASC report had many questions about facilities at UPCS
what do we do to get this school on list?
Allen: something discussed at length with principal and with facilities
some of the NEASC findings aren't new
put it into the pipeline of work, or to find different space for the schools
Biancheria: when is it determined that this building will be built there or will be built elsewhere?
Allen done in feasibility; we'll know by next May
other communities have thousands of pages of reports; very thorough in their assessment
how will community know when meetings are? This is run through cityside
O'Brien suggests working with the mayor in making meetings public
Foley: long process, long year ahead of us
Biancheria: important to know that this work is cityside, not School Committee

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