Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Capital spending: repairs

Allen: $7.7 million work at 10 schools, all complete
ESCo: boiler/chiller replacement, boiler replacements are all completed this past year
SoI's last year on Nelson Place, plus accelerated repairs
5 schools in accelerated repair: work will start this summer

  • Chandler Magnet will get windows this summer and next summer
  • May Street will get new windows
  • Lake View will get new windows
  • Jacob Hiatt will get new boiler
  • Caradonio will get new boiler and new windows

O'Brien: how much?
Allen: 80% state funding, bids received, contracts being awarded
$9 million in total, we're funding about $1.8 million
Allen reserving some for environmental work, plus Heard Street roof, masonry at Jacob Hiatt and Vernon Hill
Biancheria: additional sixth grades, in Worcester East Middle, which we promised a science lab
Allen: Worcester East Middle science labs should be bid this week, construction to begin by summer vacation to be done by next school year
completed by fall of 2013
Allen comments that getting bids that has been difficult, getting a successful bid will allow work to be completed for school year of 2013-14
"project budget is a little less than $350,000"
complete school painting jobs: not just classroom by classroom

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