Wednesday, May 1, 2013

House Education Committee looking for more information on NCLB waivers

It looks as though the Republicans in the House aren't giving up on the NCLB waiver issue:

Calling it their "duty to conduct appropriate oversight over the waiver approval and implementation process," Kline and Rokita ask for information about
  • The number of meetings that were conducted for each waiver application.
  • The amount of changes that were requested and approved for each waiver proposal.
  • The reasons waiver applications were denied.
  • The monitoring process for the approved waivers.
  • The top five challenges that states have faced in implementing the waivers.
  • The department's plans should a state lose its waiver for noncompliance.
This is a continuation of the questioning Congress has pushed on if the waivers are an overstep of the President's (or Secretary's) authority.

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