Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Budget update: Allen

last budget update at Nelson Place in March was based on Governor's budget
now have House budget: did not support Governor's lifting in preschool cap or in special ed funding
$3.5 million less in Ch. 70 aid
Local aid down, local contribution thus down
$3.7 million reduction from Governor to House budget
$285.4 for FY13
$297.3 for FY14

impact of sequestration: impact of $3 million on our budget; cut of 8%
some things in those grants that cannot be reduced
charter school assessment: not being fully funded 68% of reimbursement
21st century grants being phased out; all programs will go away for next year, only North High still has funding
transportation: 6 special education buses need to be added; contracted services increased by 2; 4 will be done in-house (keeping buses on longer)
retirement, health care going up

savings: special ed in bringing in house some of our students who are autistic (thus allowing us to not send money out on tuition)
over $2 million saved next year
$1 million tuition freeze coming from the special education collaborative

employee groups have been moved over to direct deposit: $75,000 in postage being saved for next year. "that's the equivalent to a teacher position being saved"

bottom line number received from city today
budget to School Committee next Friday, May 10

teacher increases due to MassCore: languages, arts at secondary level
special education increases
maintain other positions: IAs, elementary
elementary will go up to about 22.7 students: bidding for space in Chandler Elementary neighborhood for four kindergartens; that will allow NO classes of 30 or more students at Chandler, provided that we can find the space
(remember, it will not count towards Net School Spending)

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