Friday, May 17, 2013


Graduation season starts next week! Here are the list of dates, places, and speakers. Unless otherwise noted, all high schools graduate at 6 pm at the DCU Center and Mayor Petty attends all of them.
May 23, 10 am, Creamer Center graduation at Worcester Technical High School, Tracy Novick
May 24, 11 am, St. Casmir's at St. Casmir's Church
May 30, 6 pm, UPCS, Atwood Hall (Clark), Jack Foley
June 3, 6 pm, Burncoat High, John Mondredo
June 4, 6 pm, North High, Dianna Biancheria
June 5, 6 pm, Doherty, Donna Colorio
June 7, 6 pm, South High, Brian O'Connell
June 10, 6 pm, Worcester Tech, Tracy Novick
June 11, 6 pm, Claremont Academy at Atwood Hall (Clark), Brian O'Connell
June 12, 6 pm, Adult Learning Center at Forest Grove, John Monfredo

All eighth grade graduations take place on the last day of school--June 25 this year--at the school unless otherwise noted.

Claremont Academy, 11 am, Donna Colorio
Burncoat Middle, 1 pm, Donna Colorio
Sullivan Middle at Worcester State, 10 am, Dianna Biancheria
Suillivan Middle at Worcester State, 1 pm, Dianna Biancheria
Forest Grove Middle, 10 am, Jack Foley
Forest Grove Middle, 1 pm, Jack Foley
Caradonio New Citizens Center, 1 pm, Tracy Novick
UPCS at Jefferson 320 (Clark), 1 pm, John Monfredo
Worcester East Middle, 11 am, Brian O'Connell

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