Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets this Thursday

The Worcester School Committee meets this Thursday, January 17. You can find the agenda here.
We're being asked to reopen negotiations with the EAW units A and B; that's our teachers. And if it seems as though we just voted a new contract: we did, but our teachers were working under an expired contract, so the new one expires in June. 
We'll also being hearing from union president Len Zaluskas.
We have a number of congratulations and thanks going out to students, to schools, and to community groups.
There are a large number of security items filed by various members. All of these are being sent to administration, and I'm told they'll be taken up at our next meeting in executive session.
We have two reports of note: the report of the superintendent this week is the first of the FY14 budget reports. The back-up is not yet posted (I suspect we'll get it later today).
The second is the 2012-13 enrollment report. We're getting this now due largely to miscommunication on my part (sorry!). This gives the overall enrollment by school, including ethnic and other breakdowns; the enrollment by class in both elementary and secondary classrooms. There is LOTS to talk about here, and I'd urge you to give it a look (and post to come on this!).
7 pm tomorrow at City Hall!

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