Thursday, January 17, 2013

Comments from the committee

Monfredo: IAs for kindergarten and for preschool
3 year plan to phase in IAs in Level 4 and 3 schools

O'Connell: motions:

  • report on federal grants by the Congress on March 1 (this is sequestration: the answer is approximately 26 teachers, with 8 of those teachers coming out of Head Start)
  • consider terminating our request for reimbursement for Medicaid (that means the city would lose $2 million)
  • consider if we should conduct an annual actuarial review
  • recommendation for us for an appropriate charge for us to our grants
Mayor here questions if the schools need their own actuarial evaluation, noting that the city does one

Foley: beginning of the process, take a long look at this issue
"not as bad as it was several years ago"
glad we've reached some common ground with council
how do we bring more money into our public schools
promises listening sessions over the next several months (start weighing in now!)
asking for a joint session with Council education committee notes on my part

Biancheria: summer school offerings?
either federal budget cuts or sequestration could impact federal budget cuts or sequestration; if that happened, we'd still want to run programs
school safety and playground equipment: asks that those be separate
Boone: both are questions around safety "a potential for harm or injury"
dollar per student: could we get the dollar amount per pupil?
Allen: will be included in Governor's budget (the FY14 rates)

Petty notes that this is preliminary budget, with more conversation to come
also notes his support of the Governor's budget

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