Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on the fire at Doherty

From an update we received last night:

The recovery efforts, including painting of the kitchen/prep area, are on schedule.  After the final coat of paint tomorrow and last cleaning of kitchen equipment, we hope to have the health department inspect and clear the kitchen/prep area for use later this week. The meal serving plan implemented today will continue until the kitchen is back online.The Worcester Fire Department is conducting the investigation into the fire.  Preliminary information seems to indicate a potential malfunction of the dryer that possibly resulted in it not shutting off at the end of the cycle, thus causing it to run until it overheated starting the fire.  We are taking action to remind all schools that all dryers should be turned off/complete the cycle before personnel leave the building. We will provide the next update once the health department has cleared the kitchen for normal operations.

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