Friday, January 25, 2013

Legislative breakfast

Members of the Worcester School Committee met with members of our Legislative delegation this morning to talk about FY14, Governor Patrick's education proposals, preschool, and school building projects. The major message we received was one of waiting for more details and questions on how the state could pay for the Governor's proposals (and if the Legislature is willing to, as the plans are based on new or "anticipatory revenue.").
Senator Chandler recommended that we request a Joint Ways and Means hearing on the budget in Worcester this year and plan to testify at it.
We also heard from Mr. Allen that if the Governor's proposals of lifting the cap on counting our preschoolers and the additional $10,000 added to the cap on out-of-district educational placements both went through, it would mean $3.6 million to Worcester.
No, we won't be planning on that money.

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