Friday, January 18, 2013

Nelson Place has a building committee

...and the City Council is being asked to adopt a loan order for the 20% share (plus environmental remediation) of the accelerated repairs on this coming Tuesday's Council agenda. If you can't get the city council back-up, I've also loaded the City  Manager's memo here
This is the work at Caradonio New Citizens, May Street, Lake View, Jacob Hiatt, and Chandler Magnet. Note that the replacement of all the windows at Chandler Magnet is such an extensive bit of work that they're projecting that it may take both this coming summer and the summer after.
The building committee for Nelson Place has also now been set, which was the last remaining piece of what is needed to apply for the next step in MSBA's process. MSBA's board next meets on January 30. Much of this committee is somewhat fill-in-the-blank, as there are required people; the neighbors and the parents are the new information there.

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