Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nelson Place and accelerated repairs before Council

Transfer for MSBA accelerated repairs goes through!

Councilor O'Brien: prosperity of our schools, what the future of the city depends on
"things we've put off for far too long in our schools"
to finally build a new Nelson Place
Thanks City manager, Superintendent, and their teams
City Council, School Committee
Thanks to Steve Grossman
O'Brien has sent around a list of work that has already been done for schools across the city (coming out of F&O)
substantial renovations at 12 schools across the city
repairs that are already being done
five year plan for next schools
"how do we address the needs of our high schools"

Councilor Economou:
all very important items: front line of our education, future in the city of Worcester
sent to the joint committee (Education/F&O)

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