Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A few other notes from the MSBA board meeting

I stayed until the end, because it's good to know how these things work!

  • The MSBA board was assured at the meeting that Governor Patrick's proposal to rework how much the sales tax is and how it is distributed would not change the penny dedicated to MSBA. Good news!
  • Medford was charged by a board member with keeping in mind that their new and renovated science labs should mean a renewal of science professional development, so teachers could make the best use of the modern labs.
  • The Springfield Central High School project was listed under science labs, but the project is 12 new labs, renovation of 6 labs and a greenhouse, new roof, and a new sprinkler system. Of that, the state is funding $23.9 million of a total $32 million.
  • Brookline, which today was approved for feasibility for Edward Devotion (elementary) School, was lauded for having the wisdom to do a full enrollment study before presenting this school before the board. Brookline has grown by 30% over the past decade, and they have several times been before MSBA on varioius projects having to do with enrollment. They had been warned that they should really project full enrollment across the district before coming forward with more, which they did.
  • For those curious on how timelines are going, of the two districts that entered the feasibility phase for new or majorly renovated schools, Brookline was invited into eligibility last March, Georgetown last October. There is some chance that Nelson Place will be on the agenda for April's meeting, should all continue to roll forward.

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