Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold weather consequences

It is cold outside, and, per an email from Mr. Allen this evening, the Worcester Public Schools have seen a few consequences. To wit:

  • The Caradonio New Citizens Center was without heat today after the boiler failed and the lines consequently froze. NCC is getting a new boiler this summer--they've already been approved by MSBA--but while we get their building heat, the school, today through Friday, will be at Sullivan.
  • And diesel engines, you may have heard, don't like the cold. To quote Mr. Allen directly:
Durham did have a problem with a number of their school buses today. They had started and moved all of them on Monday to clear their yard of snow and there were no problems that day. This morning they had several drivers and mechanics come in early to start the buses, as they do when overnight temperatures are 23 degrees or below. Some of the buses would not start, the air brakes froze on others, and still others would not go into either drive or reverse gear. As a result, and after our discussions with them today, Durham will have additional mechanics and “bus starters” on duty early tomorrow and beyond due to the expected continuance of extremely low overnight temperatures. They will also have extra new batteries available in case that is the cause for a bus not starting. Although we do not pay for routes that do not run, we recognize and have stressed upon Durham the significant inconvenience and hardship that late or no transportation has on our students and their families.

More to come as needed, but please do bundle up your kids!

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