Sunday, July 24, 2022

Passing along from Dr. Monárrez

The Worcester School Committee, as I've mentioned in my video updates, are now getting Friday afternoon updates from Dr. Monárrez. There were a few notes in this week's that I thought others might find useful, as they update on items of concern in the community:

School Safety Audit: A Request for Proposals has been developed to conduct a safety audit of our district and school facilities. The audit will include a review of existing practices, policies and procedures. We will also be looking at ingress and regress at our schools. The audit will provide recommendations for the administration to consider. 
Development of MOU with School Liaison Officers: As shared at the School Committee meeting, administration will be meeting with the Acting City Manager and city police to review a draft MOU. The MOU language is being developed with our legal counsel. Once the MOU draft is ready we intend to ask the Safety Task Force to review and provide input. The final draft MOU will be brought to the Committee on August 18 for review. We will continue to review the appropriateness of the MOU throughout the first quarter and recommend adjustments as deemed necessary. A detailed report will be provided at the August 18 meeting. 
Comprehensive Wellness Services and Supports Plan: Under the leadership of Dr. Morse, the Office of Social Emotional Learning, Office of Equity and Human Resources will be developing a comprehensive plan for how we provide wellness support for our youth, families and staff. The development begins with an analysis of the current state of programs and services in the district. The School Committee will be updated periodically as the plan is developed.

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