Friday, February 19, 2021

Some things to read this weekend


Looking for something to read? 

By my count, I'm overdue on at least two blog posts--fingers crossed for this weekend!--but in the meantime, here are some things I recommend reading:

  • This Vox piece on how school funding can be part of the repair for segregation, which even includes some parts about federal funding perhaps being used to push. 

  • This piece from Erica Green in yesterday's New York Times on a program through the National Education Equity Lab that gets students into Harvard's Extension School courses and has shown that they have every ability to do the work. It has now expanded to other universities. The results are not only in terms of what it has shown about the students, but has shown the schools: 

    “We have not traditionally taken students from certain communities and certain high schools,” Mr. Quinlan said, “and that’s generations of work that we need to overcome.”

  • A plea from a New York City teacher that we stop calling this a "lost generation" that speaks to some of the gains she has seen in her students this remote year.

  • This piece from a rural North Carolina teacher where they're running their school on shifts that reflect the local textile mill. 

  • I have talked a lot about the 1918 pandemic in Worcester and how it has been part of what I have reflected on this year, so it was neat to see more of that in this Telegram & Gazette piece this week. 

  • Sarah Hosseini in The Atlantic asked the very reasonable question of why we have ever sent sick kids to school. 

  • And from a not really education related perspective, this piece in The New Republic on our not-exactly-progressive Massachusetts was today's must read. 

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