Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Board of Ed February meeting: opening remarks

 The agenda is here. The livestream will come up here. Updating as we go

we appear to be coming in partway through some public testimony which seems to be a parent arguing that her school building should be open
"We simply have to change our mindset when it comes to risk tolerance."

Next on music in schools: Foxborough parent
music programs provide much for students: "why they come to school each day"
not an even playing field: sports are resuming, so music should be able to practice inside, too

Superintendent Lynch of Whittier Tech
ongoing engaging collaboration with the Department "to work together to increase the access to all students"
increasing access for ALL students
awareness gap among students: would welcome chance to present data of parent and student survey

Charter school: association speaking in support 
spells out what charter schools have been doing: food, wifi, financial support

Education Law Task Force
supports conditional renewal on UP Academy given history
recommend language should be parallel to that of Roxbury Prep
"exclusionary disciplinary policies" of concern
ask also that the education be improved by an independent authority doing the review called for

Boston Green Academy speakers (up for renewal and report on probation; it's a Horace Mann)
invested heavily in improving areas of concern
improved academic performance in strategic plan
ask that the Commissioner's recommendation be approved
Have resolved all concerns from previous reports
"share the Department's desire" for continued improvement

Chair's report from Craven:
Early College joint committee (with Higher Ed) met
a convert to this
pathways for becoming an educator
allowing new districts to come in this year

Peyser: seeing early college succeeding at scale so far
collaborative work with Early Ed: strengthening remote learning and ongoing collaboration during the summer and beyond

Commissioner will speak on reopening

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