Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Board of Ed February meeting: school opening/reopening discussion

"have continued to inform schools and districts of new developments"

pool testing: 157 districts and schools signed up
"important additional layer of mitigation strategy"

Learn Launch on relationship mapping: critical to have connections between teachers and students

substitute teachers: work with Department of Career Services
districts are asked to email Brian Devine by Friday, March 12

learning loss: summer acceleration academies
alternative way for seniors to meet competency determination
Biggest Winner Math Challenge being expanded
start over the summer and continue over 

singing guidance: interest to resume singing in schools
proposal went to health board, which was rejected
going back after reworking

will be coming to Board in next week or two
with "how best to come out of this pandemic" and "back to the traditional school model"
Biden focused on majority of schools K-8
"we agree with President Biden it is time to get our students back more robustly"
"at some point, we will need to take remote and hybrid options off the table"
will ask Board to give him authority to take remote and hybrid NOT COUNTING as time on learning
would work as phased approached
ideally plan to bring all K-5 students five days a week by April
phasing in middle and high school
would allow exceptions in spaces

Hills: support, asking to move quickly including high school "not even talking about this issue going into the next school year"

Lombos: resource allocation particularly for schools that are older?
Riley: will address the resource allocation
purchased air purifiers

Couglin: gratitude for Commissioner
trust in Commissioner for running forward

Stewart: learning loss, long term costs going back into schools
Riley: ongoing work

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