Thursday, October 3, 2019

Worcester School Committee meets tonight

Yes, I know, extremely late posting on this one...the agenda is here. A bunch of it is carried over from the prior meeting, including the report of the superintendent

There are recognitions of various kinds.
In response to a request for a report of the number of homeless, there is a single page (multi font?)...not even a report. We've hit a new low on reports here. 

The report of the superintendent is a cursory survey of each of the departments; I really hope the report as delivered goes into greater depth than this. Each of these honestly (particularly those that recently have undergone or are undergoing standard revisions) are grounds for their own report. Many districts, for example, have asked for in-depth reports on the revisions to social studies with the addition of civics. 

Ivonne Perez, principal of Chandler Magnet, has been appointed Chief Diversity Officer; you can find her resume here.

There is a response to a request for a report on the course of studies for English learner students.

In response to a request from the Mayor that the administration "discuss the findings of DESE for the MCAS results at Chandler Elementary School," the administration has submitted this:

Yes, really. That is all that the Superintendent has turned in.

This request for a report on interacting with the Worcester Red Sox has more in it.

The update on the hiring of the Chief Diversity Officer refers back to the earlier item.

There is a response to a request to consider expanding services to homeless students, which takes all of half a page.

The response to a request for an update on Ch. 222 from the ENTIRE COMMITTEE elicited:

really. that's the whole report.

There is a response to a request for more information on trauma informed care of students.

There is another single paragraph response on controlling legal costs.
There is a report on how students with dyslexia are being provided services.

Mark your calendars: DESE is coming to report on district data on October 17.

There is a five page report on school drop off and pick up, looking specifically at West Tatnuck, Roosevelt, and Thorndyke.

There is a "we've asked" response on paying for parking tickets with school supplies.

The district is hiring a health educator.

There is a report on the opening of school "Jump Start" programs

There is a response on a half day of PD on student trauma 

There are several prior fiscal year payments:
  • Richard G. Boulanger, Arbitrator in the total amount of $10,541.52.
  • Real Time Court Reporting in the amount of $679.50.
  • Shred It in the amount of $420.00.
  • a travel reimbursement to the Chief Human Resources Officer in the amount of $147.92 for in-state travel to Boston for EAW hearings.

There is a proposal to revise the policy on alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; I'm not clear on why?

There is a request for receiving donations:

  • $250.00 Staples gift card to Jacob Hiatt Magnet School from Country Bank for their participation in the Savings Makes Sense School Banking Program
  • $250.00 from a donor to the Patricia Falcone Memorial Scholarship

And there is an executive session for a grievance, a collective bargaining strategy session, and four lawsuits

Apologies for the late update!

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