Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Worcester weekend update

For those looking for the latest updates on what's up in Worcester around concerns of racial equity, systemic bias, the renewal of Superintendent Binienda's contract, and the Worcester School Committee: 

  • This was actually earlier last week, but there was this telling not-really-exchange when Dianna Biancheria called Jim Polito's radio show. 
  • Thursday morning, Walter Byrd interviewed Superintendent Binienda
  • John Monfredo was interviewed by Walter Byrd: note his comment on having students come in to talk about overcoming any barriers they had have, and the degree of concern around his former student and her family.
  • And then there was this weekend candidancy that wasn't. Consider this a reminder that you really should read this cover story in last week's Worcester Magazine on how sex ed died in Worcester.
  • More pastors joined Worcester Interfaith's call for a non-renewal of the superintendent's contract and for Worcester's school leadership to deal with systemic bias. Rev. Aaron Payson of the Unitarian Universalist Church issued this statement of support and Rev. Nathan Pipho of Trinity Lutheran Church this statement, including: 
    Tellingly, Superintendent Binienda’s initial response to our concerns calling us “not well informed,” shows a community leader unwilling, or unable, to respond to this issue. Dismissing our concerns highlights the failure of Superintendent Binienda to maintain the trust and respect of other community leaders necessary for establishing community partnerships crucial for reforming the Worcester Public Schools and providing equitable education for students of color.
    As a faith leader in the City of Worcester, I am motivated by Christian scripture that describes the people of God as “that great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation 7:9). When students in our school system face different treatment because of their skin color or physical ability, demonic cracks appear in holy community. When public leaders dismiss legitimate concerns raised about the treatment of God’s children in the Worcester Public Schools, we turn our backs on holy community. When we fail the least among us, we fail Jesus Christ himself.
    The list of Worcester Interfaith co-signatories can be found here.  

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