Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April Board of Ed: House Ways and Means budget

backup is here

O'Donnell: HW&M builds off framework of House 1
clarifying question from McKenna: "And that IS the Governor's budget?"
about $218M increase over FY19
increasing over inflation: "one-sixth of the gap proposed in House 1" on benefits; and towards econo disad in deciles 6-10 (1-5 by inflation alone)
I am SURE that no one is going to understand this
"House Ways and Means is accelerating implementation" while using the same ultimate goal
did not fund increment for high needs
adds back in the students dropped as English learners under Governor's budget
adds back about 6000 students
$16.5M on low income; about $6M is for academic support grants; $10.5M for pothole accounts

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