Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April Board of Ed: annual report of State Student Advisory Council

There's a backup here, but they have a better PowerPoint, which I'll see what I can share later

looking for stronger world language and culture education and reform in Massachusetts
cognitive beneifts of learning another language
need to produce a global citizen
standards are too loose; need more access and funding for foreign language
"there is movement and there is a push for" greater access to foreign languages
"a student-led social media platform" on Twitter here
disconnect with world language program at DESE
discussion of if state should adopt national framework
high school graduation requirement of at least two years
4th grade baseline
need for feedback from students on language
challenge of disconnect between Department and the students
hope to work with legislators on drafting a bill
Morton asks for impact on knowing another language
"amazing just to be immersed in Chinese"
"I can't imagine what my life would be without Chinese"
"how attractive it is to be a global citizen"
Moriarty thinks it would be great to make the case for ancient languages across the state
A: proficiency in foreign languages taken by normed exam
Fernández speaking in Spanish comments (I believe) that she appreciates the work they're doing on the importance of other language
what about working with populations that do not speak English?
A: early in the stage; "fair and valid point"

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