Monday, April 22, 2019

House consolidated amendment A doesn't have anything needed in it

There's a boatload of earmarks, but consolidated amendment A on education and local aid doesn't have anything really needed in it.

  • 7009-6600 which is early college programs, goes from $1.75M to $2M (still less than the Governor, who budgeted it at $3M).
  • 7010-0005 (the DESE line) has updated language, allowing those who work for school districts to be paid for work they do for DESE
  • 7010-1192 is stuffed with a boatload of earmarks
  • 7010-1193 includes the $500K for civics education and $500K specifically for civics education from the JFK Library.
  • 7061-0016 (the low income grants) adds the language around requiring approval of the superintendent for those applying for those grants
  • 7061-0035 puts in $525K for the Hanscom towns (but there isn't more general military mitigation in the House budget).
  • 7061-9406 must be a tweak in language, because it still allocates $700K to Accuplacer (bringing to mind the military spending that the military no longer wants; ASK HIGHER ED!).
  • 7061-9814 adds that it may be used during the summer months
I've updated the spreadsheet; let me know if you see something I've missed.

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