Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Massachusetts isn't using its fiscal capacity and it's poor kids that are hit

Bruce Baker has released his latest version of The Adequacy and Fairness of State School Finance Systems, and, as Kristin Johnson noted on Twitter this morning, Massachusetts isn't doing what it could:
As Baker noted:

And I'll bet you could guess which districts those are.
In particularly, in our "number one but not for all" state, note what this is doing to our low income kids:
This is particularly important because there is a real danger that the real recommendation (remember what Rep. Vargas did at the FBRC hearing) of 50-100% of the per pupil post update is going to be lost. There isn't much low income representation at the table when it comes to negotiations behind the scenes, and when something comes out, it's inevitably going to be quick, and there's going to be pressure to get it through.
And we keep being told that this is our one shot in this generation.
The data is clear; we have to raise the rates SIGNIFICANTLY--double isn't too much to ask--in order to fulfill the recommendations and more importantly our Constitutional responsibility to our kids.
All kids.

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