Thursday, September 15, 2016

Worcester School Committee meets tonight

in about ten minutes...sorry for the late posting! 
The agenda is here. The big thing on the agenda is the opening of school report, which is not posted.
There are several recognitions.
Governance and Employee Issues is reporting out. 
There is a substantial list of new hires and transfers.
There are four backups on the response to Miss Biancheria's request regarding a pilot at Sullivan and Burncoat Middle of the Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment.
Miss Biancheria has an item on Constitution Day (the week of Sept. 12).
Mr. O'Connell wants to recognize Robert F. Pezzella for being the Columbus Day Parade grand marshal this year.
He also would like a report on the Seeds to STEM program through WPI.
There is a request that several donations be received.
There is a report on how Worcester Public Schools will be testing water for lead.
Miss McCullough is requesting that administration teach responsible social media and cell phone use.
Mr. O'Connell, doubling down on Mr. Monfredo's motion, is concerned about wifi radiation.
Mr. O'Connell would also like a list of school council dates.
He would also like enrollment class sizes and the October 1 student enrollment report (which I assume will come back together, as the two are the same).
Miss Biancheria would like a list of services available at Worcester Tech.
Mr. O'Connell would like to recognize Worcester Tech for receiving a grant.
Mr. Monfredo would like a community service committee.
Administration is requesting approval of several nurses.

There was also an executive session on negotiations with Bus Drivers and Monitors, Custodians, Nurses, Teachers, and Instructional Assistants.

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