Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Some updates on Question 2

There's been rather a flurry of activity:
  • Remember way back in January here in Worcester, when Senator Chandler told the Worcester School Committee that the delegation could use a solid position from them on charter cap lift, and they voted at the Legislative breakfast 5-1 against cap lift (Donna Colorio opposed), and then later revoted 7-0? Since then, school committees across the state have been doing likewise; MASC has been keeping a running list here ('though that won't be updated until later this morning with the overnight updates), while the MTA is keeping a running list of all committees and councils.  There's A LOT OF THEM.
  • Worcester officials kicked off the local "No on 2" campaign yesterday in front of Burncoat High. Here's Mayor Petty:
  • "Make no mistake, raising the charter school cap is a cut to our public schools. And cuts do not lead to increased graduation rates and better educated students," he said.
  • Yesterday, Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson debated former state rep (now DFER-associated) Marty Walz regarding the question. You can find the video of that here
  • I still do intend to do a post on Question 2, but here's a solid post on it from Boston parent Kristin Johnson. 

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