Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 test release

Cutting and pasting from my MASC email: 
There are three schools exiting Level 4 status: the Bentley in Salem, Spark Academy in Lawrence, and DeBerry Elementary in Springfield. Three schools are being declared Level 4: Brighton  and Excel High Schools in Boston and Mary Fonseca High School in Fall River. The Commissioner also says that he is “concerned” about High School of Commerce in Springfield and Mattahunt Elementary in Boston, which already are Level 4.
There are three schools being considered for National Blue Ribbon Status: Morris Elementary in Lenox, Merrymount Elementary in Quincy, and Daniel Butler Elementary in Belmont.
I've put the full accountability level spreadsheet here, 'though I assume DESE will have it up on their site shortly (update: here)
Also, remember that PARCC schools were held harmless "with regard to test scores" and that the state is not posting any sort of comparison between the tests this year.

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