Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Teacher evaluation at the Board

Backup here
Chester: a lot of discussion on educator evaluation at the end of last year
rating on impact on student learning
a lot of feedback asking us not to go down continuing that path
"have taken that feedback into account"
change in terms of having an independent discrete impact on student learning that gets reported
"paying attention to student learning needs to be a core component of evaluation"
"but it shouldn't be the only thing; I've always been in favor of multiple measures"
worked with teachers' unions, superintendents association
would get rid of impact on student learning rating
but would use as part of overall rating
no recommendation as yet; hope by next meeting to "how we see this playing forward"
DESE to bring recommended changes to regulation at next meeting; vote to send out for public comment
Sagan: pleased that we managed to avoid the Legislature being involved
praises Doherty for his advocacy
"get it right"
Chester: "exploring not eliminating student learning as part of discussion, but eliminating separate rating" of student learning

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