Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hey, I got a Question 2 poll!

I just got a Question 2 poll (it took long enough, speaking as a super voter!), so typing this up in a rush! 

As best as I got them down in scribbled notes, here's what the poll--which was clearly pro-Question 2--asked (the first batch were favorable/unfavorable; the second batch were agree/disagree):

  • What is your view of Mayor Marty Walsh? Yes really! And yes first! Fascinating in a statewide poll (and I don't think my answer helps you either way, here, folks)
  • What is your view on charter schools (positive or negative)?
  • In your view, is government oversight and regulation of business necessary?
  • In your view, do public schools currently receive enough funding or should schools be forced to stay within their means? (there was also a mention here about "limited tax dollars")
  • Is the greatest problem currently being faced by the public schools "a reluctance to try needed reforms" or lack of funding? (softball!)
(agree or disagree)
  • Should parents be free to choose what school suits their child (paraphase: lots of rhetoric here and elsewhere throughout)?
  • Are the teachers unions opposing charter school cap lift out of self interest?
  • Should parents be able to choose a charter school for their child (yep, rephrase of the first, but specific, with the other option being about being "forced" into district schools)
  • Would you favor or oppose "eliminating the cap" on charter schools?
There then were demographic questions, with the final one being if you saw yourself as someone who supported "progressive values" or "middle of the road candidates."

So, clearly, lots o' spin here: your choices are being stuck in the reluctant-to-change district schools with the self-interested teachers or getting to send your own special kid to the special school which implicitly doesn't have all that nasty government oversight. 

Let's all remember that this is what the questions looked like when they inevitably release the poll results, shall we? 

Vote no on question 2. 

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