Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Student performance and district accountability: report from Jeremiah E. Burke High

and there are a slew of people coming to the table here, and there's no way that I know them all...sorry

turning it over to the Burke school

last night, brought board up to date, recent assessment results, accountability results
transitioning schools in and out of levels
"terrific to see schools who have transitioned from low to high performing"
more success with elementary schools "but high schools are more of a puzzle"
"kids getting opportunities for their future that were lacking just a few years ago"
Johnston: "what's the heart that you put into the work"
Headmaster Lindsa McIntyre introduces staff 
responsible "not only for our work, but for each other's work"
"consider the role of equity in moving a diverse school community; not just equity as an outcome, but as a process, as well"
instructional guidance
"how do you encourage people to move" and move on
"one person can't do the work alone...distributive leadership...the buck doesn't stop with me; it stops with us all"
build professional collaborative communities
policy is important as well; "so that it works in accordance with your practices"
culture: support and encourage
"make kids feel loved, feel encouraged, feel connected"
maintaining a focus on equity
"based on individual needs of the child, not of the school"
she hands it off to others on the staff..."ask questions, take risks"
"instructional leadership has been key"
each group of students has a space
cohorts within the academy
teachers have dual certification; each cohort works with 75 students
"not enough to deliver instruction, not enough to dialogue" so moved to longer teaching blocks
teachers have time to collaborate, and look at data, and look at instruction, and improve their practice
look at which students need additional instruction in various areas
changes as student needs do
parents, partners, come together to interview teachers
"have a disposition to teach, willing to be culturally proficient"
"really focusing on the needs of the whole child"
have students coming in several years behind grade level
some due to ongoing trauma
develop trauma-sensitive staff: very fortunate to have teachers on staff willing to undertake it
huge base of support: SW interns, advocacy interns
ongoing support really needed in school
"of course our budget could never support this army"
instructional core; constant growth opportunities for adults in building
community connections
safe for students, but also for adult learners in the building

Stewart: professional development? moved from 45 minute blocks to longer blocks
common planning is that teachers aren't teaching every day?
teachers teach for three blocks (there are four blocks a day)
Stewart: cultural bias issue
"we know that sometimes our biases are subconscious"
create a place where people are comfortable; went off campus, on a retreat, brought in a professional
"speed date around diversity"
"collectively unpacking our biases in ways that were non-threatening"
"to know and understand our students"
use information inside of curriculum to nuture their interest and spark that growth
Stewart: trauma center, meeting with families
begin with home visits with every entering 9th grade students
entering summer program for students
start school year with community BBQ
fellowship: start big and "then we work it small"
"teach our parents efficacy"

Sagan: great to hear what's working

Craven: proud to see you here today, particularly with what happened last spring

Chester: terrific "reality that you've created for kids"
"not because they're in a great facility"
"not the most ideal of conditions" sharing space with the Dearborn school
work not done yet

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