Thursday, August 18, 2016

Worcester Public Schools opening of school report

"Teachers have to be leaders and leaders have to know literacy." Regie Routman
is the opening quote

Binienda: to know literacy is the focus this year

MSBA report: Grafton Street, Flagg, Jacob Hiatt, McGrath this summer
Grafton Street work going on through October
Flagg and Hiatt going on through December
window work still to be scheduled in McGrath
hmm...wonder why it wasn't completed over the summer this time?
HVAC at Hiatt
new flagpoles (!)
and an extensive list of new boilers which is too much for me to type and I wonder how the heck it's being paid for

staffing going on still
new teacher orientation
bus schedules are being posted 
new space and renovations at YMCA (remember, more space had to be rented as the school buildings weren't rotated)

Micronet installing Genetech cameras at doors
15 schools of the safety audit met with; 15 additional schools being audited (is that being outsourced and how is it being paid for)
41 walkie talkies distributed
five oficiers at big high schools
two rotating across the district
school safety center going back to alternative school
grades 5-6 going to Central Mass Academy
so that "there's no need to wait for an available spot"
Temporary Learning Classroom: expanded to three classrooms (from two) at Goddard
oh, man, Goddard didn't have space already...

Liz Murray opening the year with teachers this year
"Everyone will be a teacher of literacy" numbers on class size, no numbers on nutrition, transportation, curriculum, no answers on if the secondary classes got filled...I'm stunned. For context, here are my notes from last year. 

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