Thursday, August 20, 2015

School readiness report

...which is not online yet...
Facilities, HR, School safety, program modifications

Nearly all new windows in at Clark St., West Tatnuck, and Union Hill. Doing doorways, all interior work finishing in second shift
Goddard continues after school starts during second shift. Some will temporarily be boarded up and have fans and small operational windows. Doors and window interior work once all the windows are in
So don't panic; they're being fixed, and they're aiming for a finish by end of September
painting at Jacob Hiatt and Elm Park
Elm Park entry railing and security cameras (facilities funded)
WEMS classroom next to science labe, new floor, paint, lighting
HR work ongoing: still a few staffing positions we're working on
3 day new teacher orientation completed
Community Eligibility vote tonight! Nutrition is ready for it
Posting bus schedules TOMORROW! on the web and there will be a Connect-ed announcement

Safety: RFP is out for bid
ongoing meetings with CM, Mayor, Chief, WPS admin
school resource officer model and development and training
continuing officers in comprehensive high schools (and Tech)
meetings with principals
SRO: "nationally recognized model around training and citizenship"
currently support and share a portion of the costs of four liaison officers
City will shift resources to cover fifth officer (at Tech) and two additional
"relationship gap for" other schools (middle, 7-12)
training will include not only officers but principals and key district admin
"talking about the relationships and how we will begin to look at this"
"giving us a view into things we need to pay attention to"

Program enhancements:
New Citizens: grades 3-5 will go to Clark Street (so kids can socialize with peers and to relieve space crunch on New Ludlow)
Safety Center at Alternative School on Waverly now moving to Central Mass Academy at Harlowe (will also expand to include grade 6)
transition center at Woodward Day (kids lacking records)
Temporary Learning classroom grades 5-8 through Central Mass Academy (socially/emotionally disregulated students); also adds capacity for grades K-4 at other sites
Woodward Day now accepting grade six (long-term suspended students)

Mayor: "our schools are safe, our communities are safe places to live, to own a business"
"have some challenges, dealing with those challenges"
promised principals we'd get their input
"great model" having community resource officers in the schools
build that communication and relationship with the students
addressing community needs and issues
"they're interelated...not a school challenge...a community challenge"

Foley: "can't believe that the summer is over"
find dollars to do significant improvements to our schools
safety: acknowledge mayor's leadership in this
talked about safety: "sometimes productively on the floor, sometimes unproductively on the floor"
police presence in the schools not in a punative sense
make sure those officers are trained and really a part of the school community
thank CM, Chief, Deputy Sargent
really pleased to see it here; communication established and ongoing
youth violence facing every neighborhood throughout our entire community
looking at program enhancement for security
"really reflects a mayor who really gets things done"

O'Connell: potential to be very vital to the school
grateful for time
very important for have right officers and best training
a sympathy for young people and the challenges that young people face
achieve well
principals be front and center in policy
vital to the administration and to us
challenge for us for the model as it evolves

Ramirez: was opposing police in schools, there were disruptions and fights in schools
then weapons, which is a different level
appreciate time and thought
other measures that we should be looking at
mediation techniques to address what we're seeing the community
"there are so many different ways that we can get what's going on in this community"

Monfredo: SRO model is an excellent one
all about prevention and building trust
public needs to know its been a collaborative effort on the part of the city and the school deparment

Biancheria: appreciate the report and update
physical improvements will make a difference
"windows are a large piece of how our buildings work"
matters to the neighbors, matters to the community
not quite clear on if dollars are being impacted by school lunch decision
"consider all of our meetings productive"
thrilled about this evening
leadership shown by mayor, CM, and police chief "want to congratulate more than you can possibly imagine"
would have appreciated more of a plan; how are we going to handle elementary schools?
"can only hope the first day of school and the rest of the days of schools are safe"
would like to have principals have more of a voice
glad they'll have training
Boone: coordination of meetings will be done by Rodrigues of SROs and principals
conversations with principals have been ongoing since June
always included in thinking
logistically we will addressing support through the floating officers, first
Boone: inference that the principals have not been part of this is concerning to me
principals have been part of this since June (and earlier)

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