Thursday, August 20, 2015

report of F&O (to include free lunch vote)

I won't take notes on Foley's report; check my notes
couple of questions on CEP
federal grants require data on free lunch; do we still have to fill out those forms?
Allen: other than not filling out forms and counting them, nothing changes
Biancheria: this provides snacks for after school?
Allen: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks for any programs we run in WPS and receive full reimbursement from the USDA
Biancheria: suggestion that we send a letter to our Governor and Lieutenant Governor, don't want to see this impact what we do
Monfredo: I don't see any drawback; we're going to be gaining $640,000, right?
Mayor responds yes
Allen agrees and responds that they've done considerable research on this
O'Connell: student activity funds question reviews recommendations of auditor that we discussed in subcommittee and thus already took care of
Allen: we discussed this at subcommittee; we do have a policy in place and have for 7-10 years; will make sure we forward that to the independent auditor

(and fails reconsideration)

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