Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finance and Operations: Faciltiies staffing

Allen: in summary we have 30 trades people who provide service for what should be covered by 62 people
have about half the number of staff that we should have
Foley: consistent theme: approve budget, but do so knowing it isn't adequate in many areas
Allen: improving the foundation budget would allow us to put funding back into areas that have been
have been underfunded for past 12 years since increases in health insurance
"we know what we did well by what we cut" (Caradonino)
Martin: breakdown is in skilled staff
also this level of staffing is just to keep it at Level 3 "Managed Care" (which sounds like hospice)
refer this with custodial report to Joint Committee to inform Council
Ramirez: would that be a chance to do an apprenticeship program with students?
Allen: have used Worcester Tech to do projects as it is possible

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