Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A few summer operational updates

A few updates on WPS operations (largely gleaned from emails and conversations; sorry to be link-less!):
  • Regarding the website: yes, I know, I miss it, too...here's what's going on: Because Erate is no longer funding webhosting, we either had to spend significant money to continue to have the site where it was or start to host it in house. To save money, it's being hosted in house, but that means migrating all information over. And it isn't just being migrated over; it's being checked for accuracy as we go. IT started that July 1, so we could fully finish the school year before anything came down; the last estimate I had was that we should have it all over by the end of the month. In the meantime, last year's bus schedules were something parents were looking for and now are back up; I'd expect this year's the week before school starts, as usual. And while right now, information is just being moved, the website will be changed and updated once that's done.
  • We have windows going in! If you've gone by West Tatnuck, Clark Street, Goddard, or Union Hill, you've seen the windows come out, the plywood go up, and now new windows going in! I've been told that the windows themselves are all expected to be in at West Tatnuck, Goddard, and Clark Street; we expect that there will be remaining trim work to be done once school is back in session (I'd expect second shift). Goddard, which is the biggest project, may take some time into the school year to get all the new windows in. And it wouldn't surprise me to have an official update on this sometime before school starts; the above is the unofficial version that comes from asking questions.

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