Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finance and Operations: Foundation Budget Review Commission

Allen: common theme: special education and health insurance
preliminary report in June
final report in November
thought it important Committee have it as work continues
have identified $684M underfunding in health insurance
Mass Budget has identified $1B; "we believe that there still needs to be even further analysis"
special ed was also over $1B from MassBudget
recommendation from FBRC is to change by 1/4 of a percent; $120M
"this is nowhere near where this needs to be"
"a lot of work still needs to occur even on these two items"
going forward, will still look at sped rate
but also look at all the components of the foundation budget formula
once report is complete, referred to Legislature, and then will move forward
"but more work needs to be done even on this report"
conversations we have with the delegation should focus on work still to be done
HELD at subcommittee level

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