Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to school queries UPDATED

A round up of answers to some of what I've gotten over the past two days:
  • Lunch menus: The School Nutrition page is found from the bottom of the main WPS page right now. The center menu is for schools without kitchens; the link takes you to the menu for schools that do have kitchens. Yes, you can just send in your child and have them get lunch! If all your child needs is milk, that's fifty cents. Parents, did you notice? No nutrition form to fill out yesterday!
  • Buses were a bit late coming home in some cases yesterday due to 7th graders and 9th graders (in particular) finding their way to them these first days (and remember, that backs up through the system due to our tier system). The same will probably be true on Monday, when we bring on our kindergartners!
  • Yes, it does say on the calendars that seniors may need to make up snow days. This has always been the case; we just put in on the calendar this year. It will depend on how many we have, and that would be decided in the spring. By state regulation, seniors can only get out of school a limited number of days early. 
  • Hoodies in the secondary schools: after a flood of tweets from high school students, I asked about this downtown today. From what I was told, in their meetings before school, the secondary principals agreed that the issue they've had is hoods being used to obscure who a student is (if they're in a hallway skipping class, for example). Thus the ban on hoodies (as we already have one on outdoor coats that might have hoods) has been implimented. That doesn't mean students can't wear other second layers (sweaters, sweatshirts without hoods, fleeces, etc); just no hooded gear. (And yes, I did pass along the astute observation that schools should probably stop selling them, then. Good point!)
  • Homecoming games: there's been a rumor going around that the homecoming games are cancelled this fall. I checked this with Davide Shea, WPS Athletic Director, on this, and here is his reply:

More questions? Send them along!

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