Thursday, August 20, 2015

Human Resources

O'Connell: are there are areas in which we could share resources
go to the Standing Committee on Governance and Employee Issues
suggest that we could save some taxpayer resources
Petty suggests amending the motion
Monfredo: if we're talking about a merger, I'd be opposed to that
I want the HR department looking after the Worcester Public Schools
Novick: feel deja vu, as well: was last (and is repeatedly) done by Council
city has HR professionals in multiple departments; may or may not be best management, but a concern
if there is savings, it would be that we have gaps of time; underused staff; that certainly isn't the case on our side; I doubt the Manager would say that he does
motion to file
Foley: job posting for HR position
Boone: screening applications now
Foley: question do we really want to go there given the state of flux there
new set of eyes of new director looking at how we deal with HR
recommend how we hold the item or file
Petty: filed after person is hired? A good point
Biancheria: many of the costs we have is tax dollars
when there is an opportunity in tax dollars, save the money and put the dollars into our classroom
Motion to file carries.

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