Thursday, August 18, 2016

discussion of warrants

for what the heck this is about see here
O'Connell: MGL provides with school committee with statutory authority over finances
all school department bills must approved by the school committee (1995 finding)
"at best, a rather cumbersome initiative to undertake"
"it is in fact a requirement that we have some means of approving bills"
strict enough in fact that checks are not to issued
asking that it be referred to administration for a warrant approval process
have a means of distributing warrants and signing by means of technology
warrants on the school committee agenda in Haverhill, most cumbersome but "possibly most transparent"
"harmonize its own convenience...making information for those who do choose to look at the information in detail"
asks that it be referred to administration
Foley: interesting item from Mr. O'Connell
asks that it be sent to F&O
"what this means operationally, what it means from a budget perspective"
ensure school committee fulfills their responsibility, while not encumbering the administration
O'Connell: asks that the state be contacted as well
what the state recommends for a community the size of Worcester
that the discussion is focused on a recommendation that is reasonable

referred to F&O

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