Monday, August 29, 2016

Worcester School Committee meets September 1

The agenda is here (and note they're back to meeting at 7pm).
The report of the superintendent is "Worcester Comes Together," which I assume (as there's no backup) might be about the staffing kickoff last week (?).
From her week's schedule, I see that Treasurer Goldberg is planning on attending this meeting, so look for the item on $eedMA to be taken out of order.
There are the usual opening of school lists of retirements, resignations, transfers, and new hires.
Clark Street wants uniforms.
Cotey Collins has two citizen petitions in on civics/voter registration and a municipal government day (look for those to go to subcommittee).

Of most import to most parents is a consideration of a new elementary report card.

There's a response on including chronic absenteeism in school improvement plans. Likewise a response to Mr. Monfredo's request for an absentee awareness month (it involves a marching band).

There will be a response on the level of participation in summer school (not posted).

Ms. Colorio had asked for the testing schedule; it's here. Worth noting: it's also in the student handbook.

Mr. Monfredo has a request around the mentoring of principals.

Burncoat Middle has a $90,000 21st century Learning grant for the School Committee to accept (remember that these rotate now).

There are also three prior year fiscal payments.

There's also a request from administration that account transfers be made. There's no backup as yet, but I'd assume this has to do with the news from last week that half the money for kindergarten assistants and four teachers is found.

The School Committee also has an executive session for negotiations with bus drivers, custodians, teachers, IAs, nurses, and computer techs.

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