Thursday, August 18, 2016

Clive nails it

a smidge behind on posting this:

Last year, members of the Worcester School Committee hyperboosted their campaign against the stewardship of former Superintendent of Schools Melinda Boone by using a number of student fights at North High to gin up fears around safety in the Worcester public schools.  
Students such as Coralys Dejesus tried to give these committee members a much-needed perspective. In a local article she said, "These past few days have been a nightmare to the North High community because what the media fails to capture, and what the rumors fail to spread, is the brilliance that is North High."  
That didn’t dissuade these committee members, whose fearmongering would suggest to some that they were in charge of a correctional facility rather than a public school system.  
Now that they ran Ms. Boone out of town and have their superintendent of choice, these committee members are singing a different tune.
In a Telegram & Gazette article this week, we found out that the number of students leaving the school district through the school choice program is accelerating. We were told that one of the reasons for that flight might be the perception some parents have that the Worcester public schools are unsafe. 
So, now some School Committee members want to create a video highlighting the school system’s greatness. 
“We could give it out to real estate brokers and other organizations to let people know about the progress going on in the Worcester public schools,” committee member John Monfredo said. “We don’t do a good job selling ourselves. I think we are trending up (as a district), but we have to let parents know.”  
A good place to start, John, is for you to stop manufacturing the safety issues these school choice parents are apparently fleeing.

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