Thursday, August 18, 2016

On later start times in Worcester...

I just saw this, as the agenda wasn't posted ahead of time. 
Here's administration's response regarding earlier start times:
The research on the benefits of a later start time for secondary schools is clear and indisputable. For the Worcester Public Schools, a change in the starting time for the secondary schools is operationally impossible, considering the many starting tiers of our schools. In addition, consideration has been given to other important factors such as afternoon athletics training and competition, students’ after school employment needs, and taking care of siblings while parents are at work. After much consideration on this issue, the Administration recommends filing this item. 
I don't know this, but that sounds a lot like "the new superintendent doesn't want to do this." This wasn't the message that was being given the last time there was discussion of this.

The latest post on later start times for secondary school is here from EdWeek  is here. 

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