Monday, August 1, 2016

Overrides of the Governor's budget, part II

Again, you can find these by going to H.4450, clicking on "Bill History" and scrolling WAY DOWN. This time, the Legislature met for two days, so this weekend's updates start on 7/30. Round one post is here

  • The earmarked funds within the DESE line item (7010-005) ($2.1M was vetoed, all of which was earmarked for programs around the state)
  • literacy programs ($600,000 was vetoed from a $1.6M account, $400,000 for Reading Recovery and $200,000 specifically for Hopkinton)
  • school nutrition ($250,000 for the Chefs in Schools program had been vetoed)
  • federal impact aid ($100,000 for Lincoln had been vetoed)
  • targeted intervention ($300,000 had been vetoed: $250,000 for a parent engagement program and $50,000 for the Randolph Public Schools)
  • dual enrollment ($100,000 for Holyoke Community College had been vetoed)
  • after/out of school programming ($935,000 had been vetoed for programs in Brookline, Lawrence, Brockton, New Bedford, Worcester, Fall River, and Boston)
  • JFYNetworks for Accuplacer ($200,000 specifically for them had been earmarked,as best as I can tell from the language)
  • innovation schools (the Governor had vetoed the full $350,000)
  • adult education ($350,000 earmarked for programs in Boston and Lawrence)
  • career to school connecting activities ($400,000 had been vetoed for programs in STEM, the Blackstone Valley Educational Foundation, and South Hadley High School)
If there is more, I will update the post!
Note that the above means that we HAVE A BUDGET! 

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