Monday, July 25, 2016

Education-related overrides of Governor Baker's vetos

The veto overrides are in the "bill history" section of H.4450 (scroll way down). There were a few Senators and Representatives that were helpful and tweeted out some of the big items (thank you!), but we can dig through the rest.
A few things that help to know:
  • the K-12 education accounts largely start with 70xx, beginning with the Secretary of Education's 7009-1700 . There are a few other education items squirreled away elsewhere, but starting with the 70xx's will get most of them. 
  • the House and Senate both met on Saturday, so start with the 7/23 postings.
Here's what I've found. 
  • The special education circuit breaker veto was overridden (that's being funded at $277M).
  • The veto of the Bay State Reading Institute ($400,000) was overridden.
  • The veto of the funding for the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment ($350,000) was overridden (which bodes well for the Legislature's thoughts on having an alternative to the MCAS).
Note that both the House and Senate are coming back in session this weekend, and they are expected to pass more overrides. 

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