Friday, August 19, 2016

New position in WPS administration

Among the things I thought we might hear about in the Worcester opening of schools report was this new position:
This came out the last week of July. If you're saying "wait, I don't remember hearing anything about this when the School Committee talked about changes during the budget!" you'd be right. This new position wasn't in the budget. 

It appears that what has happened is this: Al Ganem, who handled professional development (and AP courses and a bunch of other stuff) has left Worcester to be superintendent in Hampden-Wilbraham. Rather than fill that position, it appears that responsibilities were shuffled (not quite clear how) and this position was created instead (which would seem to be taking some of this responsibility off of Bertha Elena Rojas, who manages supplemental support along with ELL). 
Social-emotional learning is hip right now; it is looking as though the state is going to be pushing that to the fore as a measurement for schools, so it is perhaps understandable that focus would go there. I'll say I'm a bit dubious that an administrative position was the biggest need in improving that.

As for adding the position: these salaries all would fall under the central admin budget account, so the superintendent can pay this position without having to go through the School Committee. As to if the position ought to be created without at least a notification...? Probably not best practice. 

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