Thursday, March 3, 2016

Four Worcester superintendent finalists announced UPDATED

Per Scott O'Connell, four finalists for Worcester superintendent: Marco Rodrigues (current interim), Maureen Binienda (South High principal), Karrie Allen (Norrback principal), and Kerry Mulcahy (English teacher at Doherty)
There were only four applicants; all were forwarded as finalists. 
Offhand, I can tell you that as best as I know, this list means only one of the finalists thus has any degree of district administration experience. Having checked their CVs, that is the case. 

Interviews will take place at Worcester City Hall on Monday night beginning at five. On a random name draw, the candidates will be interviewed in the following order:

5 PM – Dr. Rodrigues 
6 PM – Dr. Mulcahy 
7 PM – Mrs. Binienda 
8 PM – Dr. Allen 

The interviews will each begin with a three-minute introductory statement by the candidate, followed by presentation of twelve questions, in order, each with three minutes as a general time guideline for responses. A closing statement of two to four minutes by the candidate will conclude the interview, which is designed to take no more than one hour.

The full press release is here. 

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