Thursday, March 31, 2016

Parents may have a conflict of interest on charter boards, charter association says

I'm overdue for posting something on the Annenberg Report on accountability for charter schools (coming!), but this quote in the Globe from the charter school association is just so wacky that I had to post it:
Dominic Slowey, a spokesman for the charter school association, added that some schools are opposed to seating parents on their boards because they may have conflicts of interest if their own children attend the schools.
Wow. Okay then.
So here's one where maybe the public school system can (again) share a best practice with the charter schools! We've had parents serving on school committees since...forever, really. And it's a best practice, not a conflict of interest.
It certainly is revealing, though, isn't it? If they want parent involvement, they want it on their terms, not on the actual board that runs the school.

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