Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Want to write the new Massachusetts state test?

The state has now posted the request for responses (not proposals) for the new state test. It says:
ESE seeks a contractor that will ensure that the next generation of the MCAS program meets or exceeds the level of quality for which it is now known.The selected contractor will partner with the Department to develop and deliver an enhanced MCAS for the 2017 to 2021 administrations. The contractor must provide a record of success, excellence, and accomplishment and must demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to respond to the changing needs of the MCAS program. This bid is covered under the WTO. - World Trade Organization. 
And from the press release: 
The RFR also addresses factors related to shifting to computer-based assessments. For instance, the RFR requires a well-tested, user-friendly, computer-based testing platform and assessment management system. Potential contractors must show that they have had proven success with computer-based testing in statewide assessments. In addition, the system must have a computerized toolkit and a drawing tool to ensure students can easily complete math and science tests on a computer.
Another component of the RFR asks interested vendors to describe their capacity and expertise to develop and administer a reinstated history and social science testing program, something the state has not had since the most recent version was suspended in 2009.
All bids are due on May 6, 2016, and ESE expects to award a contract in time for a mid-summer start.
Details are on the downloadable bid.  

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