Sunday, March 27, 2016

Possible study of economically disadvantaged change

Posting from an alert I sent out to MASC late last week:

The Senate's version of the supplemental budget has language to create a task force for a more accurate economically disadvantaged count:…/…/S2193/Amendment/Senate/12/Text
It would have to be done in the supplemental to be in place by the October 1 count next fall. As it isn't in the House version, it'll go to reconciliation. 
If this count has come up in your budget discussions, you might raise this with your representatives, particularly those on Ways and Means.

This does not preclude something being put together for the FY17 budget, but a study to fix anything permanently can't wait to be passed as part of the budget (as they need time to actually do the study). So, if you have concerns about the way the ED count worked out for your or others' districts, LET YOUR REPS KNOW! 

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